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How do people around the world relief stress?

by Amina Adem Admin on May 03, 2021


Stress Relieving Methods From Around The World

Stress is something we are faced with on an almost daily basis. Setting aside time to relax and handle our stress is something that can be easily forgotten. We are busy and usually will choose to get our work done and take care of our loved ones before we take care of ourselves.

Luckily, there are many methods that can be used to effectively relieve stress and help achieve an overall feeling of well-being. When we look at cultures that may be different from our own, we are able to learn new methods of coping with stress.

In China, women do a foot soak called “zuyu” before bed. They put hot water in a big pot and sit and read or do something relaxing while they ease the stress away from their body. In Denmark, there is a technique called “hygge”, which means cozy.

It is the practice of being at home or the home of loved ones during the evening. Russians go to the “banya”, which is a hot sauna. Sweating in a high level of heat relaxes the body.

Any of these methods can be used to melt away stress and achieve an overall feeling of well-being through Aromatherapy. For example, our Lavender Oil can be used to relax you, soothe you, and help you sleep soundly . Try a zuyu foot soak or take a bath and add a few drops of the Lavender Oil to the water.

You may also massage a few drops of our Refreshing Body Oil onto your neck and shoulders as you soak your stress away. It will help you feel relaxed in a matter of minutes.

Take a trip to the “banya” or use our Refreshing Body Oil after a shower or bath to help relax your muscles and fight fatigue. Rosemary, Clove, and other essential oils will give you the boost you need to have a wonderful day.

Our Invigorating Body Oil is a must-have for you and your loved ones for when you would like to practice “hygge”. It can be used by the whole family and will help uplift you when you are spending time together.

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