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Amina's Story

“You might change your outfit, but you are going to wear your skin forever…” Amina Adem

Internationally renowned beauty therapist and certified aromatherapist, Amina Adem, sums up her philosophy of life:

Take care of the charm that is you, and you will always put your best face forward.

From Eritrea, to Ethiopia and the Sudan, then to Saudi Arabia, Amina’s journey begins in exotic places with exotic smells that often define cultures.

During her childhood in Eritrea, she recalls her grandmother using herbs from her garden to aid in relieving the symptoms of minor illnesses used by everyone in her village.

Though she travelled around the world, it was Amina’s education in England where her life would forever change. Amina’s extensive research and training in the field of Aromatherapy stared long before it became a trend. She graduated as a Beauty Therapist in London where she discovered the magic of essential oils and herbs. Amina instinctively knew that “smell” was the element long missing in skincare. She fell in love with creating botanical formulations, exploring oils and natural ingredients from around the world. Ultimately developing her own brand of therapeutic grade essential oils, herbal masks a skincare line that is unmatched.

She opened a renowned salon in the affluent New Bond Street area of London, earned a reputation that gained the attention of Dr. Dev Basra, an accomplished British plastic surgeon, who requested that Ms. Adem treat his patients following medical procedures. In addition, world renowned Regenerative Medicine Specialist Dr. Fouad Ghaly, based in the South Bay, sought Ms. Adem to assist him in developing anti-aging facial protocols for his patients. She has continued to consult with Dr. Ghaly for the last 20 years, giving him valuable advice regarding skin aging aesthetics.

All her worldly travels and experience led to a permanent home in a beach community in Southern California known as the South Bay.





In 2003, after repping both Origin and Shiseido as Amina prepared to launch her own product line. Life took a turn when she sustained a back injury, requiring three back surgeries and nearly a decade to recovery. It was her products that helped her keep going during difficult days. Amina’s two body oils, Perfect Escape and Energy Boosting, offered her relief from muscle tension while uplifting and energizing her. It was this life-changing experience that confirmed what she already knew: she needed to share these gifts with the world.

Aromatherapy provides countless benefits that offer physical, psychological, and emotional well- being. Every ingredient in the plant extract infused essential oils work together harmoniously to unleash the restorative powers of nature. The aromas help create a personal mind and soul retreat, providing a completely natural way to achieve optimal health.



Along with well-being Amina has always taught her clients the benefits of stress management and through her “Amina Adem Natural Skincare” beauty line, she believes everyone will be encouraged to find time in their lives for moments of pure peace.


Amina’s philosophy to health management?

Stress management.

“From allergies to inability to sleep properly, smells trick the brain into relaxing,” she says. “We live in a world that’s added too many chemicals to everything. We have a lot of environment pollutants and chemicals in food and if you start to find a more mindful routine, which includes oils and diffusers and beauty therapy, it will help us to not look and feel good but offers us a sense of harmony and balance. Which translates into every aspect of our lives.”

Not to mention the lovely side effects of stopping to smell the world, when certain smells remind clients of past experiences.

Her ultimate goal with Amina Adem is to make global connections.

“I want to change how people think about their skin, their sense of smell and how they connect with the world. Your body is magic. If you start taking care of yourself now, you inspire more magic.”