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The story about how I got involved with BET

In 2014 before I had a small business, I had a product line here in America.  In 2003 I left the industry for 10 years to raise my family and I decided to go back to test the market place. One day, I was passing a luxury nail spa   near   my home that was beautifully decorated. I asked the owner if I could rent a room in the spa. She agreed, even though at that time I didn’t have products on hand. I had stopped my business for 10 years and I was redesigning my packaging, I was preparing myself just to go back to test the market.


My thought was to introduce to the women in the nail spa aromatherapy base and natural, clean beauty products. I came up with 21 products: body oils, bath oils and pure essentials. I was talking in my demonstrations about stress management, lifestyle and wellness.  I learned what customers wanted and what they didn't want and that helped me. Below is a picture of some of my previous product line.





In 2015 I was a vendor at the Unique LA trade show. At this trade show, they only accept American made products where buyers find new products made in the USA. I met someone at Unique LA who loved our display and who invited me to attend a charity event. I donated   products for the raffle and made a beautiful wellness basket.


I sat at a table with four women whom I had never met before. I introduced myself and I told them about my wellness products. Two of the ladies who love aromatherapy bought raffle tickets and one of the ladies won my basket. These women were from BET and they loved the idea of lifestyle and wellness products.





They were saying that it would be a good idea to give this kind of basket to their talented clientele.  After three weeks, they contacted me and I found out they were from BET. They started ordering my basket of wellness to gift to their clientele. The basket below was created for BET.


After a few high-end stores contacted me to carry our products, I was inspired to rebrand and upgrade the ingredients. I started researching and I began my quest for the finest botanical ingredients and finest oils and herbs from various countries. I ultimately found in nature to bring the best to skincare by adding the latest   ingredients in the market and redesigning the packaging.

Our mission is to improve the skin and enhance the overall quality of life   and   anti-aging is a priorities for Amina Adam Natural Skincare. Our brand helps those who are looking to address aging to have radiating skin, feel calm, and exercise care for their wellbeing. We hope all who use our products experience this by breathing in the infused aromas that promote relaxation and reduce stress.