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You Might change your outfit, but your skin you'll wear forever.

by Amina Adem Admin on May 03, 2021


Can you remember the last time you looked in the mirror and were pleased by the reflection of your skin? I’m not talking about your physical appearance but more about how your skin looks first thing in the morning. Are you happy with the way it looks? Does it appear radiant? Is it smooth and plump? Does it look properly hydrated?

I’m willing to bet that most women will say they are not pleased and are surprised by how stressed their skin appears. Not only is it likely that your skin looks tired, but it may also look sallow and more aged. You probably question how that happened and what could have possibly caused the stressed appearance of your skin. Believe it or not, there are many things you are doing to your skin that will cause it to look older than it should.

I plan on telling you about an amazing product next week in my blog, a product that will do more for your skin to help delay the aging process then just about any other product. But for now, I’d like to explain what may be causing your skin to look aged and stressed, so if you’re eager to bring the brightness and youthfulness back into your skin, let me explain the reasons your skin has lost its luster.

I realize that almost everyone is aware of the tremendous damage the sun can do to our skin and we all know that baking in the sun is a thing of the past. But, a lot of the stress you see on your face such as brown marks, dark patches, uneven pigmentation, tired and sallow skin as well as too many wrinkles comes from years of sun exposure. You see, the sun burns the skin and for a lot of people the real damage doesn’t even show for many years.

This kind of damage is cumulative and is the primary reason we must use sunscreen to protect our skin from ultraviolet light. Not only will sunscreen prevent premature aging; it also keeps skin cancers from developing.

We should apply sunscreen to protect our skin from invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, for UVB rays make up about 5-10% of the rays that reach us, affecting the skin’s outer layer. UVA rays are weaker than UVB rays, but they penetrate deep into the skin’s layers and contribute to premature aging.

Besides a good diet, not smoking and getting a good night’s rest, keep the amount of sun on your face limited because it damages the skin. Now that you understand what you should avoid, the treatment you need is a good sunscreen. In my next blog, be prepared to learn about a sunscreen that will amaze you. Not only will it help keep your skin beautiful, it is one of the most important products for delaying and reversing the aging process. See you next week.


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