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Mini Body Oil Set

    Mini Body Oil Set

    "*Mini versions are also sold individually."

      Enjoy nature's aromas and its hidden powers.

      Everyone in the world wants smooth, revitalized, beautiful skin. With the Perfect Escape and Energy Boosting botanicals base and blends of essential oils at Amina Adem Natural Skincare, we all can have skin we are proud of. Whether you want to relax, or be energized, these two blends are sure to help. Adding to your skin’s natural moisture, the Perfect Escape and Energy Boosting body oils easily absorb into the skin, while nourishing the body and making sure it is soft and supple to the touch. For smooth, glowing skin, this unique blend of nutrients, revitalizing botanicals, and essential oils will have your skin firm, radiant and luxurious.

      This collection includes two mini-size body oils:

      Perfect Escape Body Oil (1 oz)

      Energy Boosting Body Oil (1 oz)